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About Tom Boyles

I was always interested in photography. In high school, I remember friends taking classes for photography and I saw their photos and had thoughts of getting into those classes, but, for some reason, I never did.

In college, I did a bit of photography, but really didn't get started until around 1997 or so. I got busy being a musician more than a photographer, but would always have a camera with me. I started getting really into taking photos at concerts and then, in 1999, I became a father and it seemed that I looked at my daughter through the camera lens more than without a camera.

It's been several years now and I'm taking photos of pretty much everything and anything. Whether it's landscape photography, product and still life photography to portraits (family, model and high school senior portraits), all aspects of photography for me is an absolute thrill.

I've recently started getting into digital painting with my photographs. This is done in a painter program and I use my photographs as the basis of the digital paintings. I'll be adding these images to my galleries page for some examples of this work.
They will appear under "Digital Artwork Series".




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