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As a photographer, composing the photo/portrait is important at the time of the exposure. A photographer needs to know exactly what the camera will give as a result after the shutter button has been pressed. The photographer also needs to know what can and can't be done post-production in software. Being a photographer who not only understands that but can do the final editing is what I hope my clients look in their photographer. I am a photographer that is passionate about it all. Getting a great photo with the camera and making a fantastic photo as a final result.

Cameras do a pretty good job in the hands of any photographer and a final photo will take your breath away in the hands of a great photographer.

Below are a couple sample photos I took in my studio.
On the left is the photo as it was shot in the camera.
The image on the right is the same photo after editing.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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