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My Inspiration, My Children
Blog 1This is the main reason I got into photography in the first place... my children. Although I had a passion for photography long before I became a father, I really started pushing a lot of film after they were born. My daughter was born in 1999 and my son was born in 2004. They are a lot of fun to photograph and always give me a reason to grab my camera and "snap" away.
My Daughter Just May Be A Photographer Some Day

Blog 2My wife had a long-time friend visit us during the summer with her two young boys and my kids had a blast having them to play in the yard with. My daughter asked me to get my camera because she had an idea for a photo. So I returned with my camera and she had put together this shot for me to get. She, of course, is the beautiful little girl on the bottom. My son is the little boy on top (believe it or not, he's younger than the two boys in the middle) and there's no mistaking that those two boys are brothers.

Nothing Wrong With A Great Butterfly Photo
Blog 3We were camping in Northern Oregon over the summer and went to a Fish Hatchery in Washington and while we were walking around, my wife motioned for me to get over near where she was. As I approached her, she pointed down at this butterfly and I was able to capture a couple photos of it before it flew off. Been one of only a few photos of a butterfly I've been able to get so far and, this one is my favorite.
Crater Lake, Oregon
Blog 4I have, of course, taken lots of photos of the lake itself, but I saw the lodge off in the distance and really liked how it looked with the hill behind it. So this is just a quick shot of that. I really enjoy great architecture scenes and this is one of those.
The Billy Bob Thornton Band
Blog 5I was invited to attend the Billy Bob Thornton Band concert and sat just a couple rows back and pretty much center. I snapped a bunch of photos, and here's just an example of one. I wouldn't say I am a fan of Billy Bob's, but I do like some of the movies he's been in and once the band switched into rock'n'roll mode, the music was pretty good too. He put on a pretty good show. I went backstage with my wife and Billy Bob came out to say "hello". He was a real nice guy and spent a while chatting.

Photo Blog

This blog is something I try and add to after each photo shoot or whenever a thought comes to mind that I think fits here. No real purpose except for being here for those who want to take a minute or two to read the entries. Enjoy!
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